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Best SINGER 7470 Computerized Sewing Machine Review

Note: This is a review, click here to visit the SINGER 7470 site.

I received this in December 2008 as a Christmas present. Before that, I'd been making due with an entry-level Euro Pro that jammed consistently. It was also a gift, and I didn't have the money to buy one myself. I was always afraid to sew anything ambitious on that machine, so right off the bat, the Singer is a 1000% improvement. It hasn't jammed once.

-I love the drop-in bobbin. I don't even mind having to adjust the thread myself while it's winding, either (as another reviewer pointed out). It's just so much easier than on my old machine.
-It handles all fabrics, thick and thin. Just make sure you're using the right needle (of course)!
-The buttonholer and button sewer are marvellous - soooo easy! And I used to *hate* sewing buttonholes. Lowering and raising the feed dog is a snap, too. Very convenient instead of having to use a special plate.
-Despite that this isn't an "embroidery" machine, the stitches it does are very lovely, practical, and it doesn't have so many fancy stitches that I'll never use. I didn't buy this to be an embroidery machine, but the decorative stitches it has are very nice.
-The see-through bobbin plate is very handy.
-The blind stitch works wonderfully! My old machine would only do a reverse blind stitch. This simply wouldn't work with the blind hem foot I had for that machine. Hemming is super easy now.
-If all the little prongs on the automatic needle threader are in just the right spot, it works like a charm. (see cons)

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-If all the little prongs on the automatic needle threader are NOT in just the right spot, it won't work at all. The center of the three prongs is the one that hooks the thread. It must line up just so, so that it goes into the hole on the needle. Once it's through the needle hole, hook the thread, and pop it through. I had to manually bend mine a little bit to get it in the right spot.
-I've started making my first quilt. I know this isn't the best quilting machine out there, but I somewhat expected better results. I bought the correct walking foot for the machine, but it just doesn't feed the material while I'm quilting. I have to manually pull the quilt through. This is frustrating, and I can't quilt as accurately as I'd like. Perhaps I'm just doing something wrong here, but it's like there's not enough pressure being exerted by the walking foot to make the quilt advance through the machine.
-The rolled hem foot isn't all that great, either. It's easier (seriously) to just press and pin a narrow hem myself. And even that's a great challenge - but easier than the rolled hem foot.

Overall, this is a great machine that I've already used on dozens of projects (clothes to curtains), and I plan to keep it around for a long time.

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